INNO+ Past Calls

Productive Matchmaking

The organizations below are actively seeking innovative cleantech solutions to their environmental challenges.

The INNO+ platform allows experts in the cleantech sector to propose solutions to these challenges. This is an opportunity to showcase innovations while contributing to a greener, competitive new economy. plans to build and operate an innovative factory to produce urea and methanol on the same site. An innovative technological concept using rejects from the production of methanol to produce urea.

The challenge is to find solutions to improve environmental performance to capture and develop CO2.


Paramedics Coop

The Cooperative des Paramedics du Grand-Portage, based in Rivière-du-Loup, is looking for an eco-friendly ambulance prototype. The challenge is to heat or cool the ambulance without idling. 




NorthwesTel + Bell

NorthwesTel, the long distance telephone service provider in Canada’s North, runs its remote stations with diesel generators. The company would like to convert from diesel to greener hybrid systems to support its telecommunications network.


Bell (server rooms)

In the centers that host computer data, sometimes huge rooms often have thousands of servers. Anxious to reduce its energy footprint, but forced to air condition its thousands of data centers in Canada, the giant Bell wanted to invest in air conditioning systems to keep its rooms cool, while reducing their high energy and financial costs.


Nemaska Lithium

Nemaska Lithium, one of the largest mining and industrial projects in Quebec, faces several challenges (energy, water, residual materials, transportation, etc.)

First challenge is to recycle lithium-ion batteries to extract the different metals: Lithium, Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt, Aluminum. Second challenge for the valorization of aluminosilicate by-products.


Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) produces various engines for helicopters and aircraft. Before the maintenance steps, the various components must be cleaned in tanks containing different chemicals used for cleaning. The company is looking for technologies to regenerate, treat or filter the cleaning solutions used at its St-Hubert plant.


Agricultural industry

Protecting the environment without limiting production potential is the challenge of today’s agricultural and agrifood businesses. The Agricultural Show is an opportunity to present innovative clean technologies to industry players who are looking for solutions, in particular to reduce GHG emissions, treat effluents and recycle residual materials.


Soil decontamination

A dozen innovations were presented to several companies, organizations and municipalities facing the challenge of contaminated land in the East of Montreal. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Montreal, the Industrial Association of Eastern Montreal, the Industrial Association of Anjou, SERIC and SODEC of Eastern Montreal , as well as with the support of the Rivière-des-Prairies – Pointes-aux-Trembles Borough.



Lac-Mégantic is interested in green innovations to reduce the environmental impact of reconstruction work, but also to rethink the city in order to optimize its facilities.





A dozen companies specializing in energy efficiency, CO2 capture, renewable energy and hydrogen production proposed their cleantech innovations to IFFCO Canada during the development process of its future fertilizer plant in Becancour.


Mine Raglan

At the Raglan Mine, in the far north of Quebec, energy is expensive, soil decontamination is complex and there are no wastewater treatment plants. Strata Nickel, operator of the Raglan Mine, is looking for innovations to manage its environmental challenges.


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