Innovative Solutions for Environmental Challenges

Productive Matchmaking

Bringing together companies and organizations concerned about sustainable growth with clean technology developers to reduce GHG emissions and their impact on the environment, while improving competitiveness.


Closed Innovation Call

Capturing and Recovering CO2

Find solutions for capturing and recovering the CO2 emitted by Port-Daniel-Gascons cement plant, by McInnis Cement.

INNO+, a Call for Innovative Solutions

INNO+ is a simple formula of structured networking that is designed to accelerate the transition to a green and prosperous economy.

INNO+ is linking potential users and suppliers (technological SMEs) in productive partnerships. The objective is twofold: to increase the productivity and competitiveness of companies in different industrial sectors, and to accelerate the commercialization of innovations.

Successful Calls for Innovations plans to build and operate an innovative factory that combines the production of both methanol and urea for agricultural use. This process generates less GHG than if they had been produced separately. The Inno+ challenge for this combined plant  is a call for Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) technologies. 


Bell (server rooms)

Data server centres are a huge drain on energy resources. Bell Canada is actively reducing its data energy footprint by investing in cutting edge cooling centres to keep their servers running at top efficiency, while reducing the carbon footprint.


Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) produces various engines for helicopters and aircraft, and maintaining those engines requires cleaning dismantled parts in tanks of cleaning solution. The company is looking to new technologies to regenerate, treat or filter the cleaning solution used at its St-Hubert plant.


Your company has an environmental issue?

INNO + is a simple and effective approach for companies wishing to improve their resources efficiency or environtemental footprint to meet solution providers.

Contact us with your technological challenges! An INNO+ workshop will connect you with the right cleantech SMEs for your needs.


« Thanks to the Inno+ workshop, we discovered innovations that will allow us to resolve an important issue and reduce our environmental impact at the same time. »

— Catherine Boucher, Pratt & Whitney

« The Inno + workshop was once again a great success. We now have solutions to reduce our GHG emissions while improving our fleet management. »

— Catherine Goyer, Bell

« In the context of the INNO + workshop in particular, we had not only access to very useful information on the various programs and solutions available in innovation, but also and above all to a unique connection with multiple players in the field, thereby allowing to the valorization of our by-products and the development of clean technologies for recycling of key materials developed in the context of energy and ecological transition. »

Simon Thibault, Nemaska Lithium

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Developed by Ecotch Quebec, INNO+ is generating business opportunities between organizations with environmental challenges, technological SMEs, and research centres.


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